Easter with Family

We had a great time over Easter with family in town! My parents and aunt and uncle came to visit. We had a great time with all. We didn't get any pictures with aunt and uncle...bummer! We had a little more time with John's Grandpa and Grandma Knox. Here are some pictures with Grandpa and Grandma.

John was really chillaxing in his stroller on Kelly Drive. He was definitely getting some smiles from people walking or running by.

We had such a good time!


happy couple

Hubie has been making his home in the dirt these days. He dug a HUGE hole in the side of the yard. I couldn't believe how much he dug with a single shovel! We took a picture in the basement after we got the work all done ("we" as in I took care of John and Hubie dug:).


do you like ta' two step?

I mentioned in my last post that Johnny likes music. He likes to dance too. He laughs and laughs when we dance the old fashioned way. We dance the two step my grandpa taught me as a youngin'! John holds his arm out with mine and everything, so cute! ++ Today marked the beginning of a new sewing project: curtains for the guest room. We also rearranged the guest room and might paint some accent walls. Fun stuff!